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1000MW, ± 500V HVDC link Italia – Montenegro (known as MON.ITA)  

  • 1200 MW, ± 320 kV HVDC two-way connection between Italy and Montenegro 
  • 16 km underground section in Italy (from the coastal landing area to the Cepagatti conversion station)  
  • 6 km underground section in Montenegro (from Budva to Kotor conversion) 


The MON.ITA project is a EU Project of Common Interest. The interconnection features 2 cables  (P1 and P2) extending for a length of approximately 16 km from the Cepagatti Electrical Station to the landing point,  on the shoreline in the coast of Pescara. 

For the Montenegro side, the connection extends for a length of approximately 5.5 km from the landing point on the Ponta promontory (Jaz) to the Conversion Station in Blato at Lastva Grbaljska in the municipality of Kotor. 

CEBAT Scope included cable laying both in Italy and Montenegro as well as the related civil works. 

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1000MW, ± 500V HVDC link Italia – Montenegro (known as MON.ITA)

17 Novembre 2016