Installation of Smart Meters 

 The replacement of current meters with new generation ones basically derives from regulatory measures, which have requested distribution companies to adopt so-called “intelligent” metering systems.The new meters make it possible, in fact, to satisfy the required requirements, or to provide information on the times of use of electricity thus promoting  energy efficiency, increasing awareness of customers’ consumption behaviors, favoring competition between distributors and making data available to the final customer or to third parties designated by the customer. 

As part of the plan adopted by Enel Distribuzione, CEBAT is engaged in many Italian provinces through a complex and well-distributed organization. 

The main provinces currently served are: 

  • Rome 
  • Rieti 
  • Pesaro Urbino 
  • Pisa 
  • Grosseto 
  • Viterbo 
  • Pescara 
  • Chieti