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HVDC connection Piedmont Savoy (Italy – France)  


  • 1200 MW, ± 320 kV HVDC bi-directional connection between Italy and France  
  • The longest land HVDC link, for a total of 190 km  
  • World record for underground cable with extruded insulation technology  


The connection will play a strategic role in increasing the security of electricity supply and in enabling energy exchanges between Italy and France, increasing the exchange capacity from 2650 MW to 4400 MW.  

The project consists of a “turnkey” ± 320 kV HV UGC system, with special extruded insulation technology. It involves the design, production and installation of two bipolar circuits of 600 MW each along a path of 190 km.  

The Italian connection extends from Piossasco to the state border, located inside the Frejus safety tunnel. Most of the route, about 73 km, runs along the A32 motorway which includes the Frejus Safety Gallery, for a total of 13 km in length, of which about 6.5 km in Italy.  

The remaining 22 km are developed along the provincial roads (SP 589), municipal and agricultural land. 


Along the way there are numerous historical sites and bridges, and numerous tunnels specially made for the cable connection. The system test is scheduled for 2021. 


CEBAT operates in consortium with Prysmian and Roda Spa, and the scope includes part of the civil works associated with the laying of the cables, the laying itself, as well as engineering and detailed design. 


La maggior parte del tracciato, circa 73 km, si sviluppa lungo l’autostrada A32 di cui fa parte la Galleria di Sicurezza del Frejus, lunga in totale 13 km, di cui circa 6.5 km in territorio italiano. I restanti 22 km, si sviluppano lungo strade provinciali (SP 589), comunali e terreni agricoli.


Lungo il percorso si trovano numerose opere d’arte, la maggior parte di pertinenza dell’autostrada, nonché diverse gallerie, queste ultime dedicate al collegamento.

Il collaudo del sistema è previsto per il 2019. La lunghezza totale del collegamento rappresenta un record mondiale per le interconnessioni in cavo interrato HVDC con l’impiego di tecnologia di isolamento in materiale estruso.


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HVDC connection Piedmont Savoy (Italy – France)

1 Gennaio 2016