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Hydropower Plant “Ignazio Silone”, formerly San Giacomo al Vomano (Teramo) 

  • Entrance tunnel at a depth of 402 m above sea level   
  • Two intermediate access windows at a depth of 716 and 973 m a.s.l. 
  • Cable shaft head at a depth of 1,030 m a.s.l. 

Pirelli (now Prysmian) was awarded the supply and installation of the 380 kV when the Hydropower Plant of San Giacomo al Vomano, in central Italy, was still under construction. 

The plant was developed as an extension of the existing S. Giacomo plant which exploited the hydraulic head between the Provvidenza and Piaganini man-made reservoirs.  

The project included the design and supply of two 380 kV connections and of the metal structure for cable transit in the shaft. The plant refit works also included the construction of a new engine room inside a cave located beside the existing one to host the new turbines (a 280 MW Pelton turbine/generator and a 60 MW turbo-pump generator).  

CEBAT  scope included also the civil works for cable laying, as well as the supply and installation of all metal works. 

Hydropower Plant “Ignazio Silone”, formerly San Giacomo al Vomano (Teramo)

1 Gennaio 1999