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Lighting of the vehicular underpasses in central Rome 

The numerous projects developed by CEBAT required careful design and accurate and precise construction work, developed according to the most recent requirements for tunnel lighting, energy saving and maintenance.  

In particular, the calculation criteria contained in the UNI11095 standard of December 2003 were adopted for the dimensioning of the lighting system, implemented by a subsequent Decree of the Ministry of Infrastructures. 

The particularly severe conditions linked to the intense traffic required a specific care to both the construction techniques of the systems, using materials capable of guaranteeing maximum durability and the lowest environmental impact in operation and in emergency, while minimizing the operating costs. 

Following the construction of the vehicular underpasses of Corso Italia in Rome, CEBAT has been involved in countless lighting works in the areas of greatest historical and cultural interest in the city: 

  • Galleria Principe Amedeo Savoia D’Aosta 
  • Sottopasso di Castel Sant’Angelo 
  • Lungotevere della Vittoria 
  • Lungotevere Mellini 
  • Lungotevere Arnaldo Da Brescia 
  • Lungotevere Michelangelo 
  • Galleria Umberto I° 


Lighting of the vehicular underpasses in central Rome

1 Gennaio 2017