Elimination of Colle Pisano and Sonnino effluent treat 

The project concerns the implementation of the interventions aimed at the disposal of the existing Sonnino municipal purification plant serving the Municipality of Monte Porzio Catone.The project is part of a municipal sanitation rehabilitation program that involves the decommissioning of the Colle Pisano and Sonnino effluent treatment plants. 

The works included:  

  • the construction of a wastewater lifting system entering the Sonnino purification plant; 
  • a first section of the DN250 pressurized sewage manifold for a length of 1.1 km made using HDD technology; 
  • a second gravity section, DN400 for a length of 0.9 km. 

The works also involved a series of particular works such as: crossing ditches, the construction of a new spillway and the relative connecting pipes and a channel for the overflow of white waters as well as the ancillary works to by-pass the Sonnino purification plant.