Inspection and control of the lighting poles of the Italian motorways  

Lighting poles and lighting towers are structures are key for the safety of the highways. 

The activities carried out by CEBAT on the motorway network managed by Autostrade per l’Italia, aims to monitor, over the useful life of the structure, the evolution of its state of conservation, promptly reporting any anomalies or discrepancies to optimize the planning of maintenance interventions.  

The aim is to maximize the functionality, efficiency and safety characteristics and economic value of the systems over time. 

Overall, the monitoring protocol included: 

  • Integrity of concrete foundations  
  • Identification of geometric macro-defects 
  • Integrity of bolted joints in metal structures 
  • Visual inspection of welding’sIntegrity  
  • Check of coating thickness  
  • Check of corrosion 
  • Checking the integrity of the coating (painting or galvanizing 
  • Verification of bolted connections in metal structures 
  • Check the integrity of the anchor bolts and their tightening torque