Rome – February 16st 2022
Water and fountains have been the defining elements of Rome’s urban landscape since antiquity and no other city in the world can boast as many public drinking fountains as Rome, with more than 3000. These are called “nasoni” in (Italian for “big nose”) and not only water is chilled and good-tasting but also for free!.

Since 2021 CEBAT SpA, as a long time partner of ACEA the Italian leading water distribution company, is responsible for the maintenance of the fountains from preventive maintenance, to integrity assessment/painting and replacement.

These fountains are scattered throughout the entire city and are made in cast iron, about 1 metre tall and half way up the column they have a spout in continuous flow of drinking water. The spout has a small hole on top from which you can drink by closing the main hole with one hand. It is easier done than explained!

The Nasoni are key to maintain water flow in the driest seasons in to manage odors and most of it is piped into large reservoirs and used to water the many gardens and parks of Rome.

While focussing on challenging projects accelerating the energy and digital transition such as HVDC links, renewables and data centers’ connections, CEBAT maintains its roots in the Eternal City and is a key provider of global services to the Roman electricity and water distribution services.

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